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The cutest boy on the world he’s 6’2” and he’s all of it. He knows how to work it and he knows how to twerk it. He goes by Figgy, Figz, Cutie pie and many more! He is very social active and has lots of friends that he cherishes and loves deeply. At the start of everyday he checks his fantasy football team even though he has no chance to win, eats cereal but puts milk in first, ugh whatta weirdo. He puts his glasses and hair on every morning say goodbye and I love you to his family members. I think he still has Amber written on his wall in his room ;). Then he walks in the bathroom and shats all over the wall and wipes his forehead all over the wall but his tongue is unnaturally long he licks his forehead clean. And goes to school and shats on everything he sees and to end his day he gives a special boy (Chico) a hug after german ;)))). That’s Figgy for you!
by Cutie pie 11 September 27, 2018
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