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To metaphorically "mount" someone who is hating on your game, or your style. This instance is one during which you have gained superiority over aforementioned "hater", and are now riding his confidence and swagger into the ground. Can also be used simply to describe a situation in which one asserts his or her dominance over a certain group of people. Derived from a jockey riding his horse.
Willis: Yo, Dave has been feelin' down lately. I think he's sweatin' those weak-ass marks from Waterbury!

Konrad: I hear those bitches is wack!

Willis: True, they are. We should take Dave out tonight and Jockey on them Haters!

Konrad: I'm feelin' that, we will Jockey all over their bitch-asses!
by 2 Skoops wit Sprinklez February 11, 2008
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