a thing that takes up much of our lives and sends a message to everyone that life sucks.
1.) My job sucks.
2.) I hate my job, however i need the money, so i guess ill go for the rest of my life.
by Ben H. July 11, 2003
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A means by which you have to do a series of repetitive, menial, and sometimes dangerous tasks just to earn an amount of money that is not even enough to pay for rent and bills. 15-30 percent of the money is "collected" by the government, depending on the state, corporation, and country where the work is done. Usually the work is accompanied by a self-centered, non-reasoning, short-term-profit oriented dogfucker called a boss who gets sadistical pleasure from yelling at and even firing the subordinates.
Although it is stated that college students get better paying jobs, that is usually by pure luck, regardless of the number of "connections"
Most college students, however, end up finding jobs at pizza parlors, janitorial services, garbage-collections, burger/taco/deli restaurants, produce-picking at farms, and baggers/stockers at supermarkets.
by AYB October 18, 2003
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suffix, giving a noun an extra syllable or a potential nickname
tall-job, frick-job, creep-job

Here comes the creep-job. Finally came out of his dorm.
by Mike Monsport September 30, 2007
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A place that I bust my ass to get to, then all day I put up with a bunch of gossiping no-lives who have nothing better to do with their time, and then i come home feeling dirty, tired, and sorry that i don't have an endless supply of money that comes from a void in space.
"My job sucks the BIG one!"
by megm July 21, 2008
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1.) Abbreviation for the sarcastic uses of "Good Job," or "Great Job."
1.) 'Job!

2.) What on...? 'Job.
by Jack "Yours Truly" November 13, 2007
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The act of volunteering to be abuse on a daily basis for barely enough money to pay your rent
Spending four years in college to earn a degree in order to Retrieve coffee for the boss while being told working 40 hours a week is not adequate job commitment so no raise for another year.
by Laney Hansford March 06, 2007
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