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A bass player from the STL. A former member of Sunny's Funeral, but left the band after Sunny's wake. Enjoys doing many things including hitting on girls at christian music festivals and leapfrogging over sweaty guys to catch frisbees. Currently in a band, but I don't know the name of it, so I will call it the Cute Baby Seals band. The Cute Baby Seals band specializes in endangered seal awareness and rocking you until your balls turn blue and your eyes bleed.
Andrew: Paul, that african-american jirby is really cute.

Paul: Yea, maybe u should go talk to jirby aka j-mix.

Andrew: Thanks for pep talk, I will go talk to him now!!!

Paul: I always knew you were a homo!!! u homo!!!

Andrew than goes and rapes the sh*t out of paul and puts him in his freezer.
by whytehaze July 11, 2008
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