Jimmy Johnstone, or more affectionally known as Jinky by his fans. Was the greatest ever Celtic player, scoring over 162 goals for them in over 500 appearances in the 60's, and was in the 1967 Lisbon Lions (the first British team to win the European Cup). Jinky wore the number 7 shirt, and as a mark of respect, Celtic are currently campaigning for the SFA to allow the whole team to wear his shirt number as a mark of respect during the CIS Cup Final against Dunfermline Athletic.

Jimmy was diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease, a disease that destroys your brain's ability to send nerve messages and wastes your muscles away. After his diagnosis, he became an active campaigner for raising awareness of the disease.

The wee man sadly died at 6am GMT on Monday the 13th March 2006. He will be sadly missed by all.
OMGZ did you see that goal Jinky scored when they played Rangers??!??!?!

Jimmy Johnstone (Jinky) - Greatest Ever Celt - R.I.P wee man
by punkycelt March 14, 2006
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Joey said the statement “get jinkied on” when he dunked on that pussy’s face
by RustyTitsNips12.5 May 30, 2018
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Jinky means to be awesome/cool and super crazy at the same time. Jinky is a adjective that can be used to express feelings that are hard to say.
He is so Jinky. He jumped off that cliff on purpose for fun and to prove he’s cool!
by The bestest4444444 October 17, 2019
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When your girl's pussy hair is so thick you have to search for the hole.
"damn! I was messin' with my girl last night, and jinkies!
by Chipmonculous October 04, 2017
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To avoid something or someone through being light footed and agile.
“Those chickens are too jinky for me to catch”.

“Charlotte ‘jinked’ john in a game of tig”.
by Cibobo/Jmonty November 17, 2017
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The most beautiful, gorgeous, and adorable woman in the world. She will make you smile with how cute she is every time she speaks. Jinky supremacy
"Jinky is the cutest girl in the world"
by JoeSwagkins September 20, 2021
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A person, particularly a female of legal age, that is so beautiful, talented, disciplined, oriented, and denies payola.
They're true gems that listens to Ariana Grande
Organic charting cannot be the certain artist without Jinky approval
by arianosaurus December 29, 2020
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