a word used by the incredibly quality faction of The Social Network fandom on tumblr to describe Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg, as both of them are Jews who were clearly raised by unicorns in a magical forest somewhere
Ah, the sweet smell of Jewnicorn love in the morning.
by robin-sparkles November 16, 2010
the act of a unicorn getting very drunk and partying very hard it accidently hooks up with a jew and gets impregnated. The result is a jewnicorn.
Man did you hear about Deborah shes gunna have another jewnicorn... hoe.
by dimesrule May 23, 2009
A deliciously Jewish Unicorn. Usually wearing a yamacha on it's one horn, and prancing throughout the plains. When threatened, it will defend it's self using a glistening menorah. It's call can be heard everywhere as "Oy!, I am feeling very veklempt!"
Dave Kelly: Dude, did you just hear that? I think it's a Jewnicorn!

Echo: veklempt,klempt, klempt...where are my good socks?

Jim: uh..that kinda weirds me out...let's go

Dave: NO!, WE MUST OFFER IT LATKAS! It could become hostile, or become riddled with extreme angst and hebrew wizardry!

Jim: uhh..yeah..you do that...I'ma go watch full house...those things are freaking..odd...man...*walks away while watching trees sternly*

by Dave-Rave June 12, 2006
1. A variety of unicorn that immerses itself in Judaism.

2. A Jewish person who is fascinated by unicorns and/or wishes they were one.
I'm a Jewish unicorn... I'm a Jewnicorn!
by KC ShadyLyon January 19, 2011
n. (Ju-neh-korn); a combination of the words Jewish and Unicorn that are defined by a mythological persona of a non-existent being that a jewish, blonde female should display when being approach by a man whose pickup line pertains to his Nazi grandparents.
Jewnicorn - Pretty self explanatory.
by MattTheRugger December 6, 2010
n. (Jew-neh-corn); a combination of the two words, Jew and Unicorn which is defined by a mythological persona of a non-existent being.
EX1:Generally speaking, Jewish women are not the most attractive. To find an attractive jewish women is rare , like seeing a unicorn. She's beautiful & jewish? That's a Jewnicorn.

EX2: Jewish people have many other stereotypes. One of the most common aside from being ugly and having high pitched voices, is their selfish greed and lust for money. Throughout time Jewish people have had a historical record of using superior trickery and sales tactics to sway merchants (both buyers and sellers alike) at tradingpost. A jewnicorn on the other hand, is the word used to describe a honest jew which gives valuable goods away without expecting anything in return. Black jews use the term "$Free.99" to recieve free goods. however a black jewnicorn ( rarest of the rare) would stop you on the street in the bronx and offer you things like protection from evil, free Jordan's (with receipt of purchase). And would say god bless you afterwards.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡

EX3: the deepest teachings of judea are talmudic teachings. In the babylonian talmud, they speak of raping children and offer babies to the "blood god of sacrafice "molech. As Stated in the bible REVALATION 3:9, "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee." jesus a (jewnicorn) is going to have the "evil Jews" face the lord in all their sin, during the end times (coming days).