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A pitiful individual, whom has mistakenly entered a relationship with a J.A.P. (Jewish American Princess). He will spend the rest of his days having his mom proud of him; however, he will always be disappointed with himself for being constantly bossed around by his J.A.P. One could say he is the epitome of being whipped.

The only thing he has to be proud of is that all J.A.P.'s give some of the best blow jobs around. He will constantly brag about that to his friends in attempt to make himself happy with his life decision. Don't fall for his bragging though, he is secretly depressed with all of the decisions he has made in his life.

In addition he is always trying to please his mom. Overall, a Jewish American Prince is a sad individual that no one strives to be.
Hey guys I can't go out to the bars again - Joseph
Why not? - Robert
My girlfriend is making me watch 50 First Dates again - Joseph
You are such a fucking Jewish American Prince - Robert
by JewManJi The 2nd Exodus May 25, 2016
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