the biggest bunch of cry babies in the world. The holocaust wasn't that bad. Only 6 million died, blacks and native americans got it worst. About 100 million black died going to or in slavery. Native american population was in the hundred millions now it in the tens of thousands. Suck it up jews you got a country out of it.
guy: i want some light reading
librian: heres a book about jewish sports starts

racist1: how many jews can you fit in car
rscist2: i don't know
racist1: one in each seat and about 100 in the ash tray.

Three religous leader gave 3 cermons. A priest gave his cermon and 100 people join the catholic church. A preacher gave a cermon and 100 people join the church. A rabi sang there's diamonds in the sky and 3 million jews joined the airforce.
by imnotracistihateeveryone November 20, 2006
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What a jew is:

Someone who follows the religion known as Judaism.
All jews are recognized citizens of Israel.

What a jew is NOT:

JEW is NOT a race, get over it. A race is not a religion. A race is not your country of origin. A race is determined by differing physical attributes.

What is true about jews:

Throughout history they have been the center of many atrocities.

They believe they are the chosen people. This stance of putting themselves above everyone else is a part of why they have gone through what they have throughout history.

What is not true about jews:

While stereotypes do hold a fair amount of truth they are not an absolute. Not all jews are cheap, dirty, smelly, etc.

Jews are NOT always the victims and in fact have instigated many of their own problems throughout history.

You can't claim you want peace in the middle east and then order air strikes on the opposing police stations. This just furthur takes away that countries ability to do anything about it and instigates more hatred to your own people and resets the peace process every single time.

You aren't the chosen people by god. Your no different than anyone else and no better than anyone else. If you were chosen by god why did he hand you the only 100 square mile area of the middle east with no oil? Irony isn't it.

There goes another Jew thinking that thinks Jew is a race.
by Rea Lity January 05, 2006
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A member of an ethnic group descended from Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel, via their mother, or who has converted to the Jewish faith. This group while comprising about 0.2% of the world's population has won about 1/3 of the Nobel Prizes. Three famous Jews are Jesus, Freud and Einstein.
John: Hey, kids aren't getting paralyzed by polio like a lot of kids were until the 50's.
Jane: Yeah, and Dr. Jonas Salk and Dr. Albert Sabin who invented the vaccines were both Jews.
by HearThe Word September 02, 2011
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A group of people who seem to be the most hated race on the planet, bar none. Additionally, they also seem to be the race hated for the longest period of time (eons, it seems). Chances are, if you can think of a race, they probably hate Jews too. However, it does appear that the vast majority of people who hate Jews are either from Europe or the Middle East.

Reasons for hating this group of people range from greed (Jews are cheap, they are penny pinchers, etc), ugliness (big nose, ugly hair, etc), and evilness (control everything, looks like the Devil, etc).

The above list ranges from the time to time, but the general traits that makes the list are usually greed and evilness. Oh, and also arrogance. In case you're wondering, certain groups of people believes the Jews are arrogant for believing they're "God's Chosen People", "God's Ancient People", or however you want to say it.

However, ultimately, there is only one thing I can say about all of this: I don't give a damn either way. If you want to hate the Jews, fine. If you don't want to hate the Jews, that's also fine. I don't hate Jews myself but that's because I don't care at all.
1) Wow, everybody in the Middle East hates the Jews!

2) Wow, everybody in Europe hates the Jews!

3) Wow, even the damn United Nations hate the Jews!

4) For the sake of convenience, lets just say everybody in the world hate the Jews.

5) It's a good thing I don't care or else my conscience might be bothered.
by BusinessMan August 15, 2006
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Jews are whiter versions of white people... they're smarter, with shitier hand-eye coordination.
Hi, I'm Jewish. Let me help you with your taxes.
by copernicusmike September 06, 2007
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A self sufficient people. They are blamed for mostly everything bad that ever happened ever because Jews are easy scapegoats.

An example would be in the middle ages when the Bubonic Plague (Black Plague) was rampant Jews were the only demographic that wasn't getting it due to the fact that all Jews living where the plague was lived in close knit healthy communities differing from the peasants living in squalor usually getting it. That of course was blamed on the Jews.

Another example would be the Holocaust. Hitler was a pathetic man with one testicle and hate in his heart. He decided to take out his anger on the Jews, gays, gypsies and others by winning the hearts of the easily impressed German populace with his moderate speaking skills. Jews did nothing wrong to anybody and everyone smart knows this.
"Awe man I failed math for the year, it must be that slimy Jew David Goldstein's fault.."

Ignorant man 1: "You know that Jew family across the street?"
Ignorant man 2: "Yeah they seem like nice people.. But they are plotting our downfall as we speak.."
by Jewbro69 June 23, 2011
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