The only lasting empire comprised of the twelve hebrew tribes.
The religion that Christianity and Islam came from.
They copied the whole thing from judaism
If your hating than you are a loser.
people who say jews are stingy are wrong because they just don't waste their money on a bunch of bullshit that the goyims buy. They are just pissed off because they aren't getting the jew's money because they are stupid.
Whoever says jews are greedy is like saying asians are good drivers.
learn to love your fellow jew because he is equal or worth more than you!
Yo Danny christmas is a bullshit holiday because the jews made up all that stuff about santa and the trees. I think jews actually have brains now! Lets go decorate a tree and then burn it after christmas for no reason.
by Borat north of jewtown December 04, 2006
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Jews com from one of the sons of Noah whose name is Sem.
People who come from Abraham,Isaac,and Jacob.(who come from Sem) They have the richest heritage.
No matter how many anti-semites there are in the world, as we see through the centuries of being persecuted , they will always be. In the long run they are the strongest nation ever in this world and will always be. With all the jealousy and hatred in the world that people may have, Jews should'nt give a shit about it, and I can understand why.
People say Jews are rich and cheap, being cheap makes them rich. They know when and how to spend.
by enodmelivado August 31, 2006
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people who were blamed, and treated like dirt.
i am part jewish. i have ancestors who were jewish, but later on, one of them switched to christianity though i stand proud and tall as a jew.
by admin jew June 09, 2007
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Jews are people that have other things to do aside from hating religions, races, world and whatnot. Most of them work hard to earn money, support their family and whatnot, and all that without killing 6 million people.

They have shared characteristics because most of them follow similar laws with understanding and they don't just breed with everyone.

Most racist that hate Jews because of their 'race' exist because their grampas and fathers shagged goats and retarded women. That's an obvious fact which has scientific and history background.
Westerns: Youโ€™re a Jew arenโ€™t you? I can tell from 10 miles.
Jews: Yeah, and whoโ€™re you?
Westerns: Iโ€™m white native American.
Jews: laughs
Westerns: plans how to murder the Jew and take all his possessions
by bole76 July 10, 2008
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slang term for people who follow the religion of judiasim. this is the oldest abrahamic relgion this is told to us by the bible and the quran,people who have abandend the path of god,are responsible for countless world crimes,and are moreless,annoying,money horders who will all have a home in the hell fire.they have a natural greed and have no manual labor ability at all,acoponied by a large ugly nose larger uglier hair,and a whiney annoying uglier voice.they countroll everything and make honest hardworking people exsaust themselves so they can go bang there head in a wall and live in a land stolen from innocent palestinans that they slaughtered raped and tourtured and repeated what happened to them by the nazis (they recieve money as conspentation from the german people who werent even around during the time of the holocuast,just as they say there wernt around for the death of christ,and it wasnt romans who killed christ it was the jews.-this deffenetion may seem hatefull and racesist but its not ive learend this from first hand expeirence,im sure theres a good jew out there i just havent met one yet.
"youd think with all that money they have they could just buy land instead of stealing it from innocent people and commiting genocide."

man1"howd he get that job he didnt even know what he was doing!!"
man2"hes a jew they look out for eachother,dont you know jews dont have to work for anything"

woman"dont touch me there!"
jew"why must you tourture me ive been through enough my family was in the holocaust!"
by ishmailthewarrioroflight July 05, 2006
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a an ethnic and cultural background as well as a term for one who practices the monotheistic religion of judaism.. thats it! i see alotta posters on this site with their head lodged so far up their ass about being jewish that they dont see the true picture that it is not a birthright to succeed just because you're jewish. you can come from a really crappy family with bad parenting figures and end up like any average joe. some may perhaps say that it is genetic in nature for their success, while others their cultural traditions of parenting and discipline. i myself have a genious iq and am not jewish, but have had jewish friends. there are many other individuals who do not achieve the success of what many of them have accomplished, and individual personality and experience inside their community is a factor in how a person will turn out. in this case the jewish community is very tightly knit and look out for one another. this has helped them to succeed and survive. but to call themselves gods chosen people is complete and utter bullshit and does nothing but make themselves look like elitist assholes that makes everyone else think that they believe that everyone should fucking bow down to them. conceit is an evil in itself, and it can spawn hatred and in this case anti-semitism. yes, it is a well known fact that the jews have been treated like utter shit for centuries, but look at what other people have had to go through and are still going through. no matter what race you are there is no denying that nobody in north america has been treated worse than the natives, and to ignore their plight is still being ignored to this day. those that are jewish should feel happy that they aren't living like that and they are actually treated equally in western society today. the whole world needs to do itself a favour (the jews included) and stop overgeneralizing eachother or looking down on eachother. only until then can there ever be peace. u can have all the fancy harvard law degrees in the world and never see the picture, until you have the wisdom of life experience all that intelligence and academic achievement will be merely superficial to your concept of what the reality of life is and what the greater good for people as a whole is.. thats at least my philosophy
jews are just like any other human being and shouldn't be treated as more or less than that.
by armake25 October 29, 2007
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a religion/ethnic group that religiously, all catholic people have in them (or at least had ancestors after jeasus who still practiced this religion). i have studied religiously about catholisisim and saw that all catholics have ancestors of this religion, and i do myself now that i have mentioned it. i am proud to be a jew. anyone who is catholic should be proud of their jewish ancestors. i know i am.
i have not as recent jewish ancestors, though i am still proud. i dont plan on celebrating jewish things, but i am still proud of my jewish backround.
by udfreak June 10, 2007
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