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baseball term relating to a weak hit. i.e a bloop or infield hit where it seems it was all luck
Joe hits one off the end of the bat weakly to the third baseman and beats the throw

Scorekeeper: Was that a hit?

Coach: No just a jew hit
by whatsgoodie1 April 02, 2009
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The jew hit is the point at wich the bowl is ashed and only one person is convinced that there is still green. There is often a jew hitter in the circle.
-lemme hit it dude!
-No way man its ashed.
-Fuck that ill hit it anyways.
-what a jewhit
by lupita707 August 25, 2007
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when hit an object and something REALLY gay happens and it is total shit and the luckiest thing in the world.
ppl are playing ping pong and its nicks the side and goes off in a different direction that is a jew hit.
by jewboy95 August 07, 2009
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