a 5 cup rack in Beer Pong in which you place the cups 1,2,1,1 forming a cross, hence the jesus piece
by FattyT February 04, 2009
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Jesus Piece; Refers to a gram of dank marijuana; Derived from the term " Yo lemme get a G" (gram of bud) then coined into Jesus Piece due to the first syllable of Jesus. (G) Gee-sus
Yo dog im broke, hook me up with a Jesus Piece
by smiddy1337 October 22, 2009
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Originated by Kanye West. He wears a Phat Gold chain with a realistic Jesus medallion that hangs from the chain. A Jesus piece is a piece of jewelery that represents Jesus.
"I stay fitted from the Polo fleece to the Jesus piece."
by GravyPlaya January 05, 2005
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