Like cum but is a word taking the piss out off jesus.
dave:what are you drinking?
rhys:i am drinking my dads jesusjuice.
by jottie May 08, 2006
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The seminal fluid of a man, usually a sea man.
"My Jesus Juice shoots all the way to the wall!"
"No way! Can you show me?"
"Hell yeah!"
by Crankiestpotatoe July 17, 2016
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When you get really drunk/kronk for next to free and its almost like a spirtual experience.
"Dude, i am blasted!! How much do i owe towards our tab?!"
"No worries bruh!! I got my Youtube check last night!!"
Fuck yeah bruh!! We're drinkin jesusjuice!!!"
by mrbluestorytrue November 18, 2015
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