According to Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update team (Jimmy Fallon and Tiny Fay), "jesus horses" are defined in the following excerpt: "A Supreme Court in Geaorgia ruled that high school biology teachers were permitted to continue using the term 'evolution' when teaching their classes. However as a compromise, they must now refer to dinosaurs as 'jesus horses'."
My son Timmy loves to learn about jesus horses. His favorite jesus horse is the T-Rex.
by duckhunter24 August 16, 2004
A dinosaur. The term is used sarcastically to mock young earth creationists and their ludicrous assertion that dinosaurs coexisted with humans.
"Oh yeah? Well how do you explain the dinosaurs? What were they Jesus horses?"
by Lightning Princess March 21, 2004
A Jesushead's dinosaur since they actually think dinosaurs existed in Jesus' time despite mountains of evidence and fossil records to the contrary. These young earth creationists also think God created the universe 6000 years ago and put Man and Jesus Horses on the Earth to coexist
non-jesushead: Yo let's go hit up the Raptors game
jesushead: You mean the Toronto Jesus Horses?
non-jesushead: I hate you
by alvinsanity May 22, 2006
noun; commonly referred to as "Jesus Horses" by the duo Armstrong and Getty @AandGShow

noun; anything large and fun to ride that terrifies others, such as an SUV

noun; dinosaur
"Did you see that Jesus Horse, it was huge!"

"That's like saying Jesus Horses don't exist... what else can't we teach!"
by echodanny March 27, 2012
the compromise for someone who doesn't believe in evolution; if the person who doesn't believe in evolution believes in evolution, the other kids who do must call dinosaurs jesus horses
tommy: stephen, if you start to believe in evolution, we will compromise; we will start calling dinosaurs jesus horses.
by stephen hart May 3, 2008