An Internet father, who talks about mental illnesses while being the worlds cutest person alive. A fan of stranger things, p!atd, FOB, dogs, electric guitars, and Thomas Sanders
Someone; who’s Jessie Paege

Me; only the best youtuber to ever exist
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by Taylor Ashuk May 18, 2018
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An amazing fatherly figure, Jessie Paege is a loving, kind, and awkward bisexual. She often describes people as daddy, as well as people describing her as daddy.
Person A: Have you heard of Jessie Paege
Person B: Yeah, she's such a dad.
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by rainb0wdin0saurs June 11, 2019
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A wholesome dad who posts videos on YouTube for her children. She is also a meme, a rat and a high key ratatouille fan. Our dad stans equality rights and has had hair every colour of the pride flag.
Everyone: *is forced to stream Phantom*
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by Howellxvedits December 12, 2019
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