If you are male and you don't know who she is you are officially gay.
One who is attracted to cute women must have a vague idea who jessica alba is.
by Chickenwing21 October 10, 2006
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1) The only French-Mexican person on this planet.
2) In crappy movies.
3) Object of multiple mantasies.
4) My wallpaper.
Jessica Alba is a stunning actress in crappy movies. I refused to see Into the Blue but still adore her.
by Harry G. October 20, 2007
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Top 10 beat off fodder for nearly the entire virile male population ages 11-49
(thinking to self) "Man I'd like to put my meat in Jessica Alba's pink taco..but since that won't ever happen i'll use my imagination while I stroke my salami"
by Kibbles n Bits June 23, 2006
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This woman has looks and brains, shes a great role model for young girls, a great actor, hot, a great mother, hot, oh yeah did I mention she's hot?

If she doesnt attract you, you are officially gay. She is just perfect, funny ass comedian Dane Cook is lucky.
Guy 1: You know Jessica Alba?

Guy 2: Hell yeah

Guy 3 (me): Yoooo, she's hot.

Guy 1: Haha I'd Plow The Field

Guy 2: Me two.

Guy 4: She doesnt attract me.

Guy 1, Guy 2, and Guy 3(me): Your gay.

Guy 4: No, I like women, just not her.

Guy 3(me): Umm, shes got the looks of a godess and about as smart as alber einstein, how could you not like that?

Guy 4: Hmmm, maybe I am gay.

Guy 1, Guy 2, and Guy 3(me): Yes you are.
by Guy who know things July 24, 2009
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