A highly organized competition pitting jerk chicken recipes and cooking talents against one another. Best jerk wins.
Extra: best side dish (eg. rice and peas, corn, mash, etc.)
Rub up your chicken legs and heat up your BBQs, we're having a jerk-off on Saturday!
by King Jerk II April 27, 2009
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used normally as a description of a person that is otherwise known as an idiot. (with or without a hyphen)
I hate scampie. Jerk-off drank my last beer!
by monsto January 15, 2003
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a real jackass, messes with other people for their own amusement
guy 1: hey that guy beat me up for no reason

guy 2: that guy is a jerkoff
by kentaru September 29, 2009
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1) Your mother's only redeeming value.
2) What I do every fuckin' day 'cause I'm a sad, pathetic loser.
3) You.
1) Gee, Mrs. Smith, thanks for jerking me off!
2) Damn, that girl is hot. I can't wait until I get home to jerk off.
3) Dude, you jerk off! Get off of my nuts!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 15, 2003
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