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A crazy petite white girl that doesn't like being told what to do. She is stubborn and likes to do things her way. She will argue till blue in the face if she thinks she is not getting her point through people's thick 💀 s. When she likes you there is no escape from her tenacious pursuit to charm you. She does not give up easily when she really wants something. She can be the nicest person or with the flip of a switch she can be a real bitch... It all depends on how you treat her. If she thinks you are treating her badly or unfairly she will lose her shit and flip out or just disappear without a word. Don't chase jenesa rachelle when she is angry it just makes the situation worse. She needs space to cool off then she will come back to talk it out. She does not like being ignored or thinking you are ignoring her. She is complicated at times and indecisive. She can be a total lazy bum or totally motivated when she puts her mind to it and gets up off her ass to actually do something. She is emotional at times and gets depressed often. When she is like this if she doesn't want to do anything it's because she is waiting for you to come comfort her and give her your attention and just hold her. She is intelligent when she chooses to use her brain and really think. Sometimes she is impulsive and does things without thinking about the outcome. She can be a great friend or your worst enemy....
by Ness26 February 26, 2018
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