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A fancy shot in basketball where you pump fake in mid-air and go under the defenders arm for the layup. Isiah Washington started this move, and many players use it today.
He used that jelly fam move, and made his defender look lost.
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by thecowgoesmoooooooooo March 06, 2018
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When you spin a basketball in a rotating motion off the backboard in order to get it from anyplace on the backboard into the hoop
Peyton: Would you rather get an ankle-breaker and miss the basket, or get an And 1 jellyfam?
Anthony: Definitely an And 1 Jellyfam
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by Peeayeton January 10, 2017
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Someone who thinks they are nice at ball but in reality everyone knows they are OD cheeks
Dude here comes the jellyfam squad.
by Jellyfam.ctp November 12, 2016
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