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japanese slang is where you take a word and break it down into each letter the way it's spelled.For each constanant you add ong at the end. for each vowel you pronounce it like it sounds. It's a new version of giberish and is really fun when you get the hang of it and nobody knows what you're talking about.
Japanese slang
1st. think of a word - BITCH
2nd. break it down- B. I. T. C. H.
3rd.add ong after the constanants and pronounce the vowels as they sound- Bong I Tong Chong Hong

bitch= Bong I Tong Chong Hong
hoe= Hong E O
fuck you= Fong U Chong Kong Yong O U

sentence. I dont want her to know we're talking about her.
Well lets use japanese slang.
by LIL RED THA NOLIA SOULJA April 07, 2006
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