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A guy who is a sweet heart but can also be stern when necessary. A big lover boy and ladies man but his intentions are always sincere. It's always someone that's obsessive over him. He's a guy who doesn't tolerate non sense from anyone and is also a king or warrior type of man. He's a survivor and will do anything to protect what's his, especially his family. He's a guy who is very loyal to his friends but knows his priorities comes first. A little rough around the edges but definitely worth loving. Sweet, charming, caring and overprotective!
Jamie (male) is my heart, I can't get enough of him!
by HerWife June 19, 2016
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Jamie is a man who is so funny he'll have you laughing your ass off for hours. He's kind and is quick to understand who you are. Overall he's a very good guy and an amazing friend!
Girl: Jamie (male) is the GREATEST!

Girl 2: yeah he's just the best person in the world!
by The-Blond-Women February 25, 2017
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A fit lad who has a huge heart but can be stern when needed, the pretty girls usually chase after him but a girl that can make him laugh will capture his heart. He is loved by all, he cares for and protects the things and people he loves.
by markmarketingmasterman October 19, 2018
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Someone that will grow up to be a pornstarand will have a twenty inch cock and thirty inch length
by Yo yo boy May 19, 2018
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