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a backstabbling lieing son of a bitch basterd break up with someone so he can "go out" with his ex who says that she loves him but prolly doesnt. oh yea he said to my friend that he had no dick. player major.
its not because of her its what i want
by Meth April 18, 2005
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A person who gets the vaccine and and flaunts it will high end shopping, trips, and parties
Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
by M. Wolly March 23, 2021
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A punk bitch who hangs out with only girls and no guys talk to him because he is a pussy. If you see James M. kick him and spit in his face because he is gay. His voice is squeaky/gay and he is a fag. See also pussy or fag
Yo, bitch! no not you james
by Igor May 06, 2005
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Faggot. Who is gay and thinks is tough. JR knows he's a sellout. He takes one hit of a g pen and acts like he's so faded
by Sal bunicci May 26, 2017
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Some one who is the gayest person in the facility
Girl one: omg he is so gay
Girl two: that's James m
by Maki harookawa June 04, 2020
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