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when you let your bathroom steam up with hot water and light up a few joints and get stoned as 'em rastafarian niggaz take there showers
"yo lets take a jamaican shower with some jamaican bitches and get fucked up!!"
by Lanksta June 08, 2004
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Basically hooking up wit someone but you ain't tryna let no one know who it is. IF YOU LET PEOPLE KNOW IT AINT NO SNEAKY LINK 🧍 🧍 ♀️.
" My sneaky link REARRANGED me last night y'all don't even know 😫"

"I mean my sneaky link got a girl but he don't even think he straight 🧍 "

"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
by Doja's simp April 09, 2021
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Hotboxing the bathroom. Infinitely preferable to a golden shower or (*hurk*) a Roman shower.
I wasn't expecting to partake when she invited me over, but fifteen minutes later, there we were in the bathroom having a Jamaican shower.
by October 31, 2007
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When a guy with long Rastafarian dreads stands over his girl in the bathtub and pee's on her, all while smoking a fat joint and listening to Bob Marley.
Dude, My girl and I are taking a Jamaican Shower tonight.
by matt_rage May 18, 2020
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