Nigga leaves a child, family, and friends by death
That Nigga doing a Jahseh Onfroy.
by Jahseh Onfroy's Ghost February 14, 2019
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The Jahseh Onfroy Challenge is a pretty easy challeng. To do this you need two people. On person is armed with a gun preferably a pistol. The other person then steps into a vehicle and gets shot. The person that is dead is the winner and the prize is to meet Jahseh Onfroy himself.
Guy 1: Hey dude I did the Jahseh Onfroy Challenge with my friend.

Guy 2: Did you pay your respects to Jah after the challenge?

Guy 1: Oh shit I didnt.

Guy 1: Spotlight uh Moon light uh
by Gay nigga 88 March 24, 2019
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Also know as now deceased rapper xxxtentacion he made sad music which was perfectly translated into his untimely death meaning he was know the favourite rapper of 12 year olds everywhere
by Words bruh November 14, 2019
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Wikipedia: Jahseh Onfroy, known professionally as XXXTentacion, was shot and killed in an apparent robbery just outside RIVA Motorsports...
by Cheeky Nutscoper July 13, 2019
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