This is a discriminating term toward James Charles because of his scandal.
*James Charles vs. Tati Sub Count* then you would comment “J GAY 🐍”
by Fnznen May 12, 2019
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Aj is a fat white dude from Longview that sucks dick and is poor as dirt. He likes Gunther from Kick Buttowski. He's been ripped on his whole life. He cries alot. He smokes cigarettes and wears the same clothes every week. He's been expelled out of two high schools after he left his first one so he never got his GED. He dances, tweaks, in the passenger seat when he likes a song that's playing and his favorite song is Sunflower. He's addicted to crystal-meth and everybody treats him like a brick.
Guy - "Gay-j! What's up brick?"

Gay-j- "What's up big homie?"

Guy- "Bit$$!"
by umbreonxxx August 24, 2019
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He has to be a gay j dude, he’s humping men.
by GROWHL October 24, 2019
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a homosexual person in jail that likes to flirt with his male cell mates. also known as a queer prisonmate.
ryan is such a gay j-bird!
by googoobutt. November 22, 2011
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