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a turkish dictionary site like this, inspired by eksi sozluk.
it's a read-only dictionary, but just the registered users can send posts. the registered users can also send messages to another registered user and vote the others posts.
users must past a process, that named "rookie".
there's also moderators and a coder. the coder and moderators can delete illegal posts and move titles.
users can delete only their own posts.
itu sozluk has it's own rules about sending posts, and all the users should know that rules.
it's more funny being in itu sozluk, than another one. 'cause there is more cordial than other dictionaries.
title (baslik): "itu sozluk"
post (giri): "sahane bir yer"
by gxix July 05, 2006
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Itu sozluk ,founded in 2004, take its name from Istanbul Technical University. The founder of this site is an ITU student.
Itu sozluk is one of the turkish dictionaries that inspired by eksi sozluk.

Recently there were built tens of dictionaries like eksi sozluk in Turkey.

Itu sozluk has nearly 81312 users. But only 10857 of them can send entries.
At approx,daily there are 500 users in the itu sozluk.
Actually, to be author in eksisozluk takes more than 2 years, that`s why people that interest in being author in this kinda wepsites apply these wepsites.To be author in itusozluk is much easier than eksisozluk. People that meet the consept of this kinda dictionary firstly apply eksisozluk. While they are waiting to be author there, they spend time in these sites and get experience.
When you check out the first years of itusozluk you can find users that dont posts anymore. They probably became an author in eksisozluk and moved there.
This and other sites are a step to go through eksisozluk.
But itu sozluk has its specific features that separate it from the others. That is itu sozluk cares Turkish Language more than others.

If the users posts entries that does not include turkish character, these posts can be deleted by the moderators.
Although this sozluk is not as famous as eksisozluk, it`s one of the most important dictionaries in Turkey.
© 1923 - 2010 itu sozluk
by epicanescence April 14, 2010
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