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Italolis (painful lolitas) are lolitas who have it all wrong. They are like the noobsof the lolita fashion world and true lolitas spit on them in shame. They consist of the following characteristics:
.they are "the people who got it wrong" in the elitist circles
.a lot of black and white
.cheap fabric and lace
.common headresses
.use way to elaborate make-up
.and they generally don't care that real lolitas hate them.

They are close relatives to Otarori(otakulolita) and are usually found at anime cons hanging out with their cousins.
Lolita 1: "Look at that little girl over there who thinks she knows everything about lolita."
Lolita 2: "It looks like she bought that outfit at hottopic!"
Lolita 1: "She must be an italoli"
by Nicolethe14 April 22, 2006
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