Worst people on earth. Can't play footie without diving and crying to the referee. Their food is strickly based on garlic and tomatoes. Their women look nice when they're young but they have to shave everyday as they are very hairy and they get very fat when they get old, because of their oily food. Always talk with their hands when they don't raise it making the fascist salute.
Look!! This is George Michael! He looks so Italian!

Look!! Materazzi is sucking some knob! At least he's not diving and crying!
by bootboy69 June 18, 2008
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weed, called by the infamous "Team Ital"
codename to get around the rents
boydy- "How much italian you bring this weekend?"
josh- "Nigga i got 6 g's this weekend"
by Oyler April 10, 2008
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Football fanatic, sexist, homophobic, racist, nationalist, individualistic, etcetera.
But best cooking in the world.

...I'm not racist! I know my compatriots..
I'm italian, I don't care if the Parlament sucks, football is the most important thing in the universe... ever!!!
by Icantfindapseudonym November 26, 2013
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Someone who's born in Italy from Italian parents. All the others are just wannabe-Italians.

A Italian is usually someone who consider himself better than the others just because of his nationality, but that doesn't take into account the fact that he has really nothing to brag about his country, beside food and sport-cars (beautiful men and women can be found everywhere).
Usually a proud Italian is someone that never leaved his country.

Outside Italy, Italians are super-nationalists and feel themselves like part of a big family. In Italy, however, Italians are far from being a compact population. North, center and south-Italians despise each other, and sometimes they also loathe people coming from nearby cities due to small and insignificant cultural differences.

The Italian population is one of the most stereotyped in the world, although few stereotypes are actually true for the most.

An Italian is generally a terrible tourist, always bitching about the superiority of Italian food and refusing to know the local culture.

Italians usually suck when it comes to learn and speak foreign languages.
- I am Italian: my grandfather was born in Sicily. -
- So your grandfather was Italian. You are just a wannabe Italian, instead. -
by Ghaladh July 19, 2011
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cant drink as much as the Irish and will never be has good looking!! Irish Rule!!
Italian Gweedos are faggs and use to much hair gel
by Irishredhead July 30, 2009
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People who always win. Think about it. They have Ferrari, the best food, hot women, and they can act like guido douchebags on TV and become millionaires because of it. They might not do much of the work, but they always win.
God damn, I wish I was Italian.
by rapetti1000 May 21, 2013
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A people which is Nuffin special...y u american people like so much italians??? we'r just like u or others, not better..im ashamed 2 be italian...mafia, mangia-spaghetti... ma muder fortunately's australian...dey're hard-workin'!australia: the best country in tha universe!!! Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi!!
Mate: Hey, r u italian?
Me: yes, but i consider myself australian...i hate italy and his people!
by BallTillYaFall October 10, 2008
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