people who have to much im better than you attitude and not enough brains who are mostly gangsters or wannabe gangsters and those are the ones who embarass the good italians who dont break the law to get what they want people who need to read history before running their mouths who are nothing but racists who drink wine and eat pasta you won 1 sport okay get over it but then again it will be the only thing you accomplish legally tons of other races got you beat in every other thing face it you are not even close to the best
why do italians call their litle towns little italy youre a far way from italy and you werent born there
by natalie johnson March 03, 2007
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An Italian is not a Jew
man 1: "Hey, you see that Italian?"
Man 2: "Yea he's definitely not a jew
by Italiansarenotjews February 26, 2012
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"The most respected culture around"
Yeah, I wonder why that is. Oh yeah, probably because if you don't respect them they'll whack you because they're in the mafia! Capisce? How bout some pasta eh?!
Damn! look at that italian!
Yeah, she's hot, but her dad's probably in the mafia and have you whacked, so watch your ass.
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People from Italy. Also a language. Don't ask me if they're considered Hispanic or not because I don't know.
I am Italian because my mom is from Italy.
by HIT2JO September 25, 2007
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Someone who writes definitions about themselves on Urban dictionary.
Italians write how good italians are,Italians read how good they are...on definitions written by other italians...the rest of simply doesn't give a shit.
Truth is there are other nations who actually can do more then make a pizza,Germany build great cars and are known for their industrial machinery,development in technology,they are the largest european financial donater to 3th world countries (Italy is the smallest,NO JOKE) and everything else which makes Europe better hence they are also way richer then the average italian.
But in italian eyes a german is a barbaric creature regardless of what.
Italy is so good! It's probably the reason why lots of italians left the country during the 60's,if Italy is so good,why leave??? They are contradictional people indeed...
Italians also have this love for eachother,No italian will ever go against another italian,exept when rival football matches occur,they slit eachothers throat on matchday,yezzz thats real brotherlove...
Giancarlo; Italians are the best!!
Me; In everything?..
Gianarlo; Si offcorse!
Me; Oh then you wouldn't mind trading your BWM for my Alfa Romeo!
Giancaro; .....i no understand!
Me; yea....i figured you wouldn't
by Chileno_from_Chile!!! February 13, 2008
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White people with a tan that live in Italy. They are not the smartest mathematically, but are creative. People think they're the best for who knows what reason, and they were the Mexicans of the past. Everyone in NJ is part Italian, and they all brag how Italian they are because of that 8.125% in their blood. People are obsessed with their food and believe it gives your mouth an orgasm.
Guy that thinks hes italian: OMG! Italians are the best! ITALIANO 4 LIFE!

Italian: Vaffanculo.
by degodego wopwop July 10, 2008
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(N)- One who posseses a great deal of irrational anger; one who is easily infuriated; one who yeilds an extreme amount of self and national pride; one with dark hair, a mustache, a large stomach, and a great deal of body hair.
(Adj)- Having a low level of tolerance; having extreme and seemingly irrational anger; having an extreme level of respect and interest for the country of Italy; being covered in dark, coarse body hair.
(V)- To lash out on someone verbally or physically as an expression of anger or as a means to assert dominance.
The Italian lashed out on his wife for forgetting to display an Italian flag on the wall at meal-time.

Dude, my dad went all Italian on me after he saw that I got all F's on my report card.

Hey, lets go Italian that French punk over there until he cries.
by Gordo0001 January 16, 2009
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