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a sexy latin girl livin in america. beautiful olive skin. dark, wavy, long hair and big brown eyes that you are gaurenteed to get lost in. have amazing vulumtuos bodies!!! big titties and really bubbley butt yet a nice flat stomach. often short. many people think shes latino. but shes got mad love for italy! live mainly in jersey, philly, and new york. names like gina, jessica, and dominique. are amazing to fuck. she knows how to make a man feel good and she loves making a man feel good. she often has her tongue pierced bcuz she loves to give head. sometimes bisexual and loves a females body ...and 3sums. sometimes dates a boy and girl at the same time!!! loves jewerly especially earrings and has very sexy clothes. she isnt afraid to show off what her mama gave her. her family is alot like the one on everyone loves raymound. she decorates her room with rosary beads , crosses, and pictures of saints. shes spunky hyper and full of energy. very loving and understanding. passionate. easy going. intelligent. very funny. a great writer and artist! she loves life!!!! dont fuck wiff her she will scream at ya till ya cry .. and she sure can fight. she can a shake that booty n bounce them titties too. loves animals with a passion. (most italians do) loves gnocci. loves to drink, loves to party,sometimes do some hard drugs. has a bit of a stealing habit to get what she desires. a master at shop lifting. yes she can be a little shady.
guy 1- oh my god dude your girl's so sexy!

guy 2- yeah, that pussy feels like heaven. and she sure knows how to suck me good!!!

guy 1-wow. your lucky.

guy 2-mhm i love my lil italian sex kitten
by muahbella October 02, 2009
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