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A female of partial or full Italian descent who has her own money & as such, can buy her own things, is confident in herself & how she looks, doesn't take crap from anyone, & who doesn't engage in the belief that she needs a man to "complete her". An Italian queen is an Italian woman who is an expert at putting people rightfully in their place who want to talk trash or crap about her. Also, you never want to betray an Italian queen, because she'll make sure that you not only never forget it, but that you regret it for the rest of your life. You know an Italian queen by how she carries herself, such as walking, talking, body language, & such. She never feels the need to show off, because she values her own opinion first before anyone else's. But, an Italian queen also knows how to take care of those close to her. She rarely asks for help, but when she does, a lot of thought is put into what she pays back. It is an honor & privilege to be with an Italian queen.
As I said, you can tell a woman is an Italian queen by how she carries herself.
by THE Italian queen January 07, 2011
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