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A woman of italian heritage who has 3 or more kids, each with no less than 9 names each (not including the surname).
Usually tries to force feed everyone who walks through the door of her house, exclaiming how they don't eat well at home and look too thin. Always cooking and barely ever sits.
Italian Mother : "Cara mia, here, sit, you look thin, mangia bambina!"
Houseguest with no hunger: "I'm not hungry Mrs. Donatello"
Italian Mother : "Ok, yeah, I make you something."
by Oboemastah July 27, 2007
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An Italian mom at Christmas dinner wants to please everyone by serving everybody while everyone is eating and then sits down and eats alone after everyone is finished as said by Snooki as in Jersey shore season one episode six
by Andy Sor December 16, 2017
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