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a large group of "skater fags" which live in the waukesha area who all think they are god. but in all realtity, they are just faggots. they skate around making fun of people thinking they're cool. the only thing they can actually focus on balancing is the skateboard. because they are so emotionally retarded they can't balance their own lives. most of them are actually good at skating but will probably never leave this haggard town because they are empty puddles, no fish, no algie, no frogs, they are just puddles. they have no personality, they have bad grades, can't keep a girlfriend, & hate their lives but are all "straight edge". & anyone who ditches them, a friend, a girl, ect. they will hate you forever & make you pay for it as long as you live. so i hope to god you never meet, or run into any of these skaterfags.
Girl: hey things have been kind've weird lately, do you still like me?
It Aint Easy Being Steezy Fag #1: sorry brah im going skating.

there are so many stories, we'll leave that the only example.
by that one girl;; February 25, 2010
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