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Being a Nazi ironically. A common alibi used to shield the behavior of today's Nazis from criticism, as though irony somehow makes their actions OK .

In "Anti-Semite and Jew," written shortly after WWII, Jean-Paul Sartre writes that insincerity was also a common defense mechanism of the Hitler-led Nazis.
Nazi who stabbed two people who tried to defend a Muslim: I was just verbally abusing her ironically. It's their faults for taking it seriously and trying to come to her defense.

Another modern-day Nazi: You better go into hiding you inferior-race jewish slut or I'll kill you
(Jewish woman goes into hiding)
Modern-day Nazi: Ha, I was just threatening her ironically, that dumb cunt. I don't actually think Jews are an inferior race at all. It was ironic Nazism.
by Catty McGee May 30, 2017
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