irl or irl's is a slang term used by twitter users to describe people they know, a friend or friend group in real life.
"my life is OVER if my irl's find my twitter account"

"my irl has the worst boyfriend ever, just break up with him already"
by ihatecrockpotmeals August 14, 2023
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An online term used to describe one's appearance in real life.

It should be known that for the sake of simplicity, an 'IRL' MUST be either:
The full body being shown, or the entire face, otherwise the 'IRL' in question is not an IRL at all!
"Donoghue just posted his IRLs!"
"No you dumbass that's just his teeth, it doesn't count."
by PensterEsther May 1, 2023
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friend 1: i have an internet best friend
friend 2: oh cool i have an irl best friend
by ergagush January 5, 2021
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Irl stands for In real life and is commonly used in texts and memes
Irl I own a snake as a pet
by EnglishMamba August 30, 2018
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In real lifes
My irls use to trash me for what i am but i dont give a damn about what they think of me
by Chiron ed December 14, 2018
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