Short for “irl friend” on twitter
omg irl just asked me if I had a twitter account, i changed the subject
by cutie plant June 13, 2018
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IRL is an acronym for "In Real Life"
Mostly used in COD, Battlefield, or any Types of FPS Game which is popular These days. Sometimes used in Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social Media.
Hey fight me motha fuccer irl!
Ur a fag irl
by Klarner June 21, 2017
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Irl means in real life but an irl or irls are real life friends. It's a term mostly used by introverts who don't want to socialize with their irl friends.
-You can always ask your class mates.
-No i don't want to talk to my Irls.
by burgerkingfootlettuce999 September 27, 2018
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*texting bestie*
A: man he so cute i wish i dated him

*send picture*
B: well you can't date him irl lol
A: yeah lmao
by kate scott mandell August 3, 2020
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irl..david is a tik tok account they rp as a character from camp camp, David.
irl..david is my favorite tiktoker
by Fanta_s0da June 27, 2021
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irl..david is a tiktok account they are an amazing person, they are an account about David from camp camp
irl..david is my favorite tiktok account!
by Fanta_s0da June 27, 2021
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