Irish kiss is slang for a good solid (deserved) punch to the cheek of anyone that has it coming.
dude. what happened to his face?

Oh he got the Irish kiss he had coming.
by MiserySaints March 3, 2016
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head to head contact, a great defensive or offensive tactic if you have a strong forehead, usually unexpected by the one taking the shot to the skull.
Sucka beetch! Get in my face and I'll lay a irish kiss on you!
by Yaoffs Hollason September 13, 2006
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When an irish man hits a woman and she's left with a black eye, or an "irish kiss".
"Tings went pear shaped last night cause me man gave me an irish kiss."
by Aoife21 December 25, 2007
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when a man gives his wife/ girlfriend a black eye
the drunk gave his wife an irish kiss
by eric wiessmeyer December 24, 2007
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A black eye, generally on a wife or girlfriend.
What gives, Simpson? Giving your wife an Irish kiss?
by D. Shunnery December 17, 2007
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An irish kiss is when you get farted on. When someone farts in your face. Sometimes it's when your sleeping and they do it on your face.
I was sleeping and Jason farted on my face. It was unpleasant.
by Big Poppa Schronmon August 9, 2005
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When an Irish man gets drunk and beats up his wife giving her a black eye
Dad would come home drunk some times and give my mom some Irish Kisses.
by Mickey Sunday March 17, 2010
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