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A.k.a. 'linear' or 'lingual' braces: braces that are clipped from behind the teeth to hide what's known colloquially as braceface!
Cosmetic dentistry is an 'art' practised by dentists that no longer call themsleves so, but prefer the moniker 'hygienists'. They can do a 'smile-lift' or 'face-lift' for you. Or, as 'invisible braces' go, you want to have invisible fillings (made from plastic/ porcelain and fixed by a 'targeting' blue light denting-bonding ingredient!) the next time you're visiting one.
Also, non-invasive veneers: they are non-chilling, free-sculpted veneers. There's bonding which uses a composite bonding material that uses resin molds for teeth-whitening and power-whitening or 'chairside' bleaching: one-visit, light-activated gel combined with high-intensity plasma light that gives you a 'whiter shade of relief' in just a few minutes!
by hammer---;, hytham April 16, 2007
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