A website designers nightmare.

You have to go completely avoid or spend lots of time working on exactly how you want your site to look to conform to the standard.
I wish Internet Explorer wasn't the most popular browser in the world, everyone should download Firefox.
by Tommyharding November 28, 2006
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There Is ONE Use For IE :DOWNLOADING FIREFOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heres An Example:Internet Exploder 6.66 (And Every Other Version As Well) Is 100% GARBAGE!Why On EARTH Did Idiot Exploiter Get Called INTERNET EXPLORER?Its An INSULT To The Word INTERNET!
by IE SUCKS! November 02, 2008
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One who explores the internet. In times of yore the internet was small and self contained, with everyone knowing exactly where they wanted to go. As the internet expanded, internet explorers began to travel from site to site, following directions or 'hyperlinks' from native guides. Early explorations were limited by the shear difficulty of finding anything. Today the task of not being able to find anything is largely performed using asearch engine, and like many traditional crafts the role of Internet Explorer is slowly dieing out.
Internet explorers were not the most efficient way of travelling the internet, but in many cases were the only option available.
by robcraine September 23, 2005
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Malware that takes up space on your computer after you use it to download Firefox or Google Chrome.
Guy 1: "What web browser are you using?"
Guy 2: "Internet Explorer."
Guy 1: "That is not a web browser. That is malware."
by DekuLink July 27, 2010
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The dumbest browser on Planet Earth that only n00bs use. It has amazing features like free viruses, automatic spyware downloads, and big security holes.
1. What browser do you use?
2. Internet Explorer
1. <jawdrop>
by Racecar56 April 09, 2009
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