A worthless Windows 95-10 tool which allows the user to browse to Google.com and download Google Chrome, a web browser.
Internet Explorer is my favorite browser for downloading other browsers.
by /{[(|)]}\ August 04, 2015
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The Internet browsing equivalent of a dried-up phallus rotting at the bottom of a well full of century-old semen and piss.
Internet User 1: "Do you use Internet Explorer?"
Internet user 2: "Do I look like a bag of used tampons to you?"
Internet User 1: "Uh.. no...?"
Internet User 2: "There's you're answer. Now get back on your knees, I still have 20 more minutes."
by N00berson McGee June 12, 2013
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Internet Explorer is a tool for downloading Opera, Chrome or Firefox or infecting your Windows ME computer on purpose, It was created by Microsoft in 1995 and made your computer vulnerable to viruses starting with Internet Explorer 6 in 2001, Microsoft noticed that is was terrible in 2014 and in 2015 replaced it with Microsoft Edge, AKA the Chrome Killer.
Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to die
by Squirrel719 June 29, 2015
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The route to hell used to install a browser,
I was using internet explorer, its this piece of crap I had to use to install Firefox from
by Lemmondoggy April 04, 2016
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