A new type of drug which overrides the senses and abilities of it's users and diverts all their energy into it's useless void
Man, my internet is down and I think about to die without access to my Starcraft account!
by BigD December 08, 2002
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magic place in virtuality where we can meet outside the boundaries of normal life.
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
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a place where 2930 pound 13 year old girls can pretend to be a slim 100 pound 18 year old with doudble D breast.
by 60kaerfsmis August 27, 2003
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Hmmmm.... the fact is that you cannot be reading this without knowing what the internet is so why the fuck are you looking it up?

Some idiot researched the internet using the internet.
by superninjapenguin February 10, 2007
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A large group of people saying random bullshit to a bunch of random asshats who don't give a flying fuck.
"Oh shit dude, just did my laundry."

"Had to goto the grocery store: I need food!"

"I'm a fucking idiot! Look at me i'm using the internet!"
by BallsAss July 02, 2009
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