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Internet Psychiatry is the practice of making a psychological diagnosis of an individual over the Internet. The term carries a pejorative tint in some pools of online culture due to the practice of those who style themselves as "home grown" psychologists to make authoritative statements on mental state and behavior without a legitimate medical framework to support their claims. Internet Psychiatry has found popularity with those who target persons for derision and attack over the Internet, and is frequently seen as a methodology used by pseudo-intellectuals. The prototypical Internet Psychiatrist may engage in critical judgment based upon thin slices of information about the subject, or by applying stereotypes combined with sweeping generalizations.
Forum poster: Wow, Ling Ling Chan in Generic Anime OVA #15 is a cute chick!

Internet Psychiatrist: You are clearly possessed of a disassociative disorder as shownby your identification with an animated character and you are likely a closet pedophile as is typical of male viewers of Japanese animation.

Forum poster: Dude, what the heck! That's Internet Psychiatry! And hey, I'm a girl!

Internet Psychiatrist: Denial is the typical reaction in people with your personality traits.
by Internet Justice Authority October 17, 2007
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