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internet libertarians are usually two or more of the following: white, nerdy, male, suburban, (hostilely) atheistic, and well-off. they usually have close-knit, supportive families as well. a true internet libertarian has never lived for long periods of time in anywhere but an affluent suburb. they are naive, sheltered fucks to a tee. they also tend to be less smug and vocal about their politics IRL - they fear (more) social rejection.

internet libertarians are mostly Randites and Ron Paul Revolution groupies. you will find them preaching their Pollyanna-like views of wanton deregulation/decentralization/isolationism in any sufficiently nerdy online venue - think Slashdot, Reddit, or an imageboard with a political discussion section.

they tend to be excessively fond of dense, idiosyncratic video games like TF2 and Minecraft; channers are more likely to be internet libertarians than most other e-subcultures.
you know the asshole who sits in the back of the class, glued to his laptop? the one who smugly interrupts teacher and student alike? the youth who never lacks for anything except friends, but doesn't get along well with people different from him? yeah, that's your average internet libertarian.
by dejima November 20, 2010
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A smart ass on the internet that claims the economy can work itself out on its own, as long as there is no government regulation. This belief is usually based on the ECON 101 class they took a few years back. On closer inspection, most of the internet libertarian's facts don't check out.
Man, that guy on IRC was such an internet libertarian.
by Oolong Caloophid June 10, 2008
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A highly developed political philosophy who does not confuse emotional solutions with rational solutions.
Internet Liberal: "I hate the Patriot Act, so I want to invest more power in the government to tax people and get money to fund the Patriot Act."

Internet Libertarian: "What?"
by JohnnyLightwave May 29, 2011
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