People on the internet have pictures of themselves in which they look far more attractive than they really are. Quite often from odd angles, unique lighting, or a combination of both.
On MySpace girls often look quite beautiful because they select pictures that make them look much better than they really are.
by Bryce Kennington March 1, 2004
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A picture of a person who lokks more attractive than they usually are, mostly seen in black or with blurish effects.
Though it may be hard to resist, try not to look at it too hard, or you'll tend to like he or she. (mostly a her)
On myspace some girl looks so hot...
but when I met her at school I threw up in her face...
found out it was internet disease
by Ihavnoname January 4, 2006
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Whenever a computer is connected to the internet and a virus is installed. Causing havoc to everyone involved just like a sexually transmitted disease. Usually caused from a computer not having anti-virus software installed.
"Man I think my computer has a virus."
"Dude I told you that you would get an internet transmitted disease (ITD) from looking at all that damn porn!"
by mwood23 March 12, 2010
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A disease many people have caught, in which someone posts something online, such as youtube, which they beleive the post is badass, only to find that everyone hated the post and goes online and does the SAME shit and fails again.
My freind suffers from hyper internet fail disease. Everyone hates her shitty posts.
by Peacock Sherman Manjankerson September 18, 2013
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