Personal and/or monetary connection/involvement regarding an upper-torso-warmth/protection garment-manufacturing establishment.
If I worked in a job dat required Kevlar body-armor, I would sure-as-shootin' (pun not intended, but it is indeed 100% appropriate!) have a "vested interest" in da garments' manufacturer!
by QuacksO March 28, 2020
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One's interest in another human to be "more than just friends."
I know you have ultrasocial interest in that new girl from class 2.
by sad miku May 6, 2020
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Totally not interesting except in the context of your job.
Them: Form 825 specifies that non-tenant applications aren't allowed to perform the actions specified in ISO-8501.
You: Work-Interesting!
by Diogenes Campbell May 21, 2021
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