When you owe beers (or money), you add a beer per week after due.
- Man I owed you a beer last week already, with the beer interest that's 2 beers for tonight!
- Yeah!
by inormi December 11, 2017
A retards response who doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he receives a cold call. If he says he’s not interested more than once he’s a top tier retard
John: Hello Bob how are you?

Bob: I’m not interested

John: We’ll the reason I’m calling is…
Bob: I’m… not…. Interested….
John: but..
Bob: Can you hear me? I’m not interested son
by Lolobingbong September 13, 2022
adj. Used to describe anything that is typically horrifying and/or potentially life-threatening in nature, yet also oddly appealing as it is not an everyday occurrence.
girl #1: My former b-frond got the hiv from some slag in cracktown.
girl #2: Huh...well that's ebola-interesting. Think he'll die?
girl #1: Hopefully, the rat bastard.
by rtg1996 October 26, 2008
When a male & female genders make love and the nastys. It happens mostly at night but also good at day
Hey baby. After were done dinner, you wanna do interesting things and the nasty with me tonight?
by GangastaPimpBaby August 26, 2017
An unfair-to-the-customer motivation that money-hungry banks have to maintain someone's having to make payments on a loan for as long as possible.
I borrowed a thousand dollars from a local credit-union so that I could pay some local tradespeople to perform much-needed repairs on my home and vehicle. But then as it turned out, these "over-booked with repair-jobs" folks were not able to get to my repairs as soon as they'd expected, and so I didn't need the loaned money nearly so soon as I'd thought I would; I realized that I'd likely be able to pay the carpenters and mechanics "on my own" just with extra-frugality-saved funds over the next few months. So I merely returned the thousand dollars to the credit union within just two or three months after I'd taken out the loan; the clerk seemed none to pleased, since they'd only made about 22 bucks extra in the deal, instead of maybe close to a hundred if I'd taken a year to pay it all back, the way they had expected me to. Guess there was a little conflict of interest there.
by QuacksO November 24, 2019
The word interestinge is interesting with a e and it means i don't care
When someone says look at this and you say interestinge it means you don't care
by Scott powney December 31, 2021
Interestinge/that's nice or idc is the meaning of this particular word it is interesting with the letter e
That is Interestinge/ i don't care
by Scott powney December 31, 2021