Defined as something you say after someone says a phrase that you disagree with but don't have any counter argument so you say "Interesting" to make it seem like they are in the wrong.
I think Radiohead's In Rainbows is their best album by far.

by a suffering man May 26, 2021
People are not that interesting between the beginning and the end of their lives, they're only interesting toward the beginning and toward the end. So it's weird for someone to have an everyday interest in someone else, it's weird because they're usually gathering intel or counter intel on the person they claim to have an interest in, rather than minding their business.
The guy wasnt interesting, and yet the other person claimed to have an interest in something he was doing, so he had to wonder what agency sent the other person. There are no victims in the spy community, spies get paid for their work, not forced into their work.
by Solid Mantis September 20, 2020
hannah, aka minecraftgodwhoisverycoolandrich
pogchamp mah dude! ur so interesting- but not as interesting as hannah!!! :D gogyWhip
by sarag1000 January 19, 2021
Woah did you hear the presidents address about Protecting American Interests in the Region?

I got bored after he started talking about civilian casualties
by Ripefruit March 16, 2021
Message used to inform people that the items of clothing will be sweaty or have cum added to it when bought
Size 32 waist gay interest
by Cobbler23 November 14, 2022
Personal and/or monetary connection/involvement regarding an upper-torso-warmth/protection garment-manufacturing establishment.
If I worked in a job dat required Kevlar body-armor, I would sure-as-shootin' (pun not intended, but it is indeed 100% appropriate!) have a "vested interest" in da garments' manufacturer!
by QuacksO March 28, 2020