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Intellectual porn is a song audio video or image that is so stimulating and addictive to the mind that it can be considered a form of mind porn. Examples include documentaries, conspiracy theory shows, alternative news station, humour websites and the like. Example A in conversation: hey did you see that new JFK conspiracy theory documentary? It makes me view it in a whole new light. Friend: lay off the intellectual porn already . 2nd definition: just like actual porn, it can be so addicting that it makes people lose track of time and forget of other tasks they need to do like sleep and go to school or work
Friend A: hey man did you see that new 9/11 documentary? I had no idea that there was a third building that went down that day. What was in it? Friend B: dude, you got an essay due tomorrow. Lay off the intellectual porn and get your school work done.
by ParadiserNL November 24, 2013
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