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When two people like each other but refuse to admit it. Commonly saying they hate each other even when their, basically already friends. They joke around, hang out, insulting each other the whole time.

If you even call it "insulting", it's really more like mock flirting. Never imply though that like each other in a relationship sense as they will deny,deny, DENY.

You can ALWAYS tell when people are having insult sex.
Person 1:God can you stop jumping around your like the fucking energizer bunny!! It's annoying as hell.

Person 2: You know you love it, I just keep going and going.

Person 1: You WISH you kept going and going.

Person 2: Oh and how would you know how long I can go?

Person 1: I just do.

Person 3: Can you two stop have insult sex over there, go get a room.

Person 1&2: WHAT, we aren't even like that.
by Synergy24 July 27, 2009
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