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a bunch of kids who get on tiny chat because they can't sleep.
Anderson: Why are you guys always up. Don't you ever sleep?
Gee: We're insomniac kidz.
by sukilover June 26, 2011
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"I.K.T.G.T.T.A. (short for Insomniac Kidz Tumblr Gang Troll Them All) is a collective of Tumblr users.

They often have sexy ass conversations over Tinychat all night (hence the name Insomniac Kidz) and have formed a family of sorts over Tumblr. They have recently begun to generate some "hate" on Tumblr, but have proven themselves to be uninfected by childish rantings.
At the end of the day they are just some kids having fun.

'We’re just a few kids who tinychat a few days out the week. Anyone can join, so i don’t understand why there’s so much animosity towards us. But it’s whatever. We’re open 7 days a week. Cam up, and maybe we’ll let you join!'"
Basic niggas: "Damn! Insomniac Kidz took my bitch!"

Insomniac Kidz: "U jelly?"
by Foh of I.K.T.G.T.T.A. June 26, 2011
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