indie kid: hey, im cornelius.
jock: what a dumb name.
indie kid: your mother...
jock: what?
indie kid: ...had sex with me last night.
jock: ...what?
indie kid: *swoops off to go listen to department of eagles and think about how crazily he just pwned the jock*
by misguiidedghost July 15, 2010
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Music created by emo kids with acoustic guitars, or other obscure instruments that have no real purpose but to create distracting noise.
man im so indie, look at me and my acoustic guitar singing my poorly written love song.
by ByteMii September 26, 2009
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Independent music.
Indies are generally either the best or worst people you'll ever meet.
indie kids do their own thing. They listen to obscure unheard of music because they're different and only think of pleasing themselves with their music taste.

emo kid - have u heard angels and airwaves? they rock
normal kid - um no
emo kid - aw ur a loser i cant even look at you chav

normal kid - hey i got the angels and airwaves album
emo kid - cool ur such an emo

emo kid - have you got the angels and airwaves album?
indie kid - no i prefer the long blondes
**********mutual stare of hatred************
indie - like the long blondes, dirty pretty things, the young knives, the guillemonts, dead disco, the like, the raconteurs, the harrisons etc
by Indiegirl4ever October 30, 2006
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1)A trick done on a: snowboard, wakeboard or skateboard etc.

2) short for indian

3) a type of music
You Jeff wheres the indie.

That fuckin indie smells like curry!

Indie music is tha shittt.
by Sacccait December 26, 2006
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Indie is the stereotype for people who belong to no stereotype. There is indie music, and there are indie films and designers. Some artists that would most likely be considered indie are Pinback, Andrew Bird, Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, etc. A lot of people say that an indie kid can't actually say that they are an indie kid, because that is accepting a label and indie kids are against labels. Personally, I'm really into independent music and films, and I was before it was classified as "indie", so I proclaim myself to be an indie kid. It's nice to have people ask what indie is. And otherwise people seem to think I am either emo or goth.
Me: I watched Manic last night, that movie is so amazing. Zooey Deschanel did a great job.
Other Kid: What is Manic? I've never heard of it.
Me: Well, you wouldn't have. It's an indie movie.
by EllieExuberant May 03, 2009
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An individual that wears only vintage, old skool and thrift store clothing; also customises their items of clothing with studs, laces, gems, etc.
That girls so indie! I've never seen a jacket like that before.
by riddledskater January 03, 2012
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music released on an independant label that has now somehow become a rock radio trend. it has developed its own sound. mostly weak vocals backed up by uninteresting repetitive music. lyrics are the usually the strong points in this music but dont make up for the lack of passion and energy.
dont go indie, listen to music that involves more ball stomping
by askogofidifof123 August 18, 2006
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