Indie clothing comes in two forms:

-> Clothing from lesser known, independent clothing brands.
-> Old / vintage clothing usually from a thrift shop.

Independent labels:

- clothing made by small artistic start-up lines that haven't been cannibalized by corporate america. they often do their own printing or sewing, a lot of times by hand.

- these are pretty unrelated to thrift store clothes, as these are good quality due to the painstaking attention to detail and hand made nature of the items.

- the opposite of indie clothing are places like The Gap and American Eagle.

Thrift store stuff:

- flannels, old retro / band t-shirts, chucks converse, skinny jeans.

- these are of varying quality, though they usually look worn.
"Hey check out this sweet artsy t-shirt I got from Oddity Clothing Co. They are such a rad indie clothing line!"
by AlanSlothworth August 9, 2009